Extra-curricular Activities and Interests

Amateur Photography: Art and Concept Photographer. Owner/Founder of Shutter Bug: shefalivirkarphotography.tumblr.com. Portfolio available at: http://shefalivirkar.daportfolio.com/ and  http://svirkar.deviantart.com/

Amateur Baker: Owner/Founder of The Cake Next Door

Dance: Lindy Hop, Tango

Languages: French, Hindi, and Mandarin

Fencing: Member, Warwick Fencing Association (2003-2004)

Public Speaking: College Representative, Mount Carmel College (University of Bangalore, India) for Extempore. Awarded Certificate of Merit for Achievement in the Field of Public Speaking (2003).

Dramatics: College Representative, Mount Carmel College (University of Bangalore, India) for Dramatics (2000-2003). Performed Radio Play for All India Radio (2003).

Writing: Features Article Specialist, Book Reviewer, Amateur Novelist, Amateur Oulipienne

Publishing: Guest Editor (2006-2007) for the St. Antony’s International Review (STAIR), Copy Editor and Peer Reviewer for STAIR (2005-2006), Features Editor (2001-2002) and Editor-in-Charge of Reporting (2002-2003) for the Mount Carmel College Magazine.


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