Conference Presentations

Virkar, S., ‘eGovernment and Institutional Change for Development: Tensions and Synergies in Bangalore City, India’. Paper presented at the Joint Association for Asian Studies (AAS) – International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) Conference, Honolulu (Hawai’i, USA), 31 March – 3 April 2011.

Virkar, S., ‘Politics as Usual? Exploring the Impact of eGovernment Initiatives in India’. Paper presented at International Convention of Asia Scholars Conference (ICAS) 5, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), 2nd – 5th August 2007.

Virkar, S., ‘Top Trumps or Trivial Pursuit?: Redefining the Rules of Political Engagement in the Age of Web 2.0‘. Paper presented at Internet Research 8.0: Let’s Play, Association of Internet Researchers, Vancouver (Canada), 12th – 17th October 2007.

Fry, J., Virkar, S., and R. Schroeder, ‘The Power of Search Engines‘. Paper presented at Internet Research 7.0: Internet Convergences, Association of Internet Researchers, Brisbane (Australia), 27th – 30th September 2006.

Workshop Presentations

Virkar, S., ‘Web 2.0 and the Google Generation: The Politics of Social Networking Sites and Online Virtual Environments’, with M. Dimov, T. Escher and M. Thompson, presented at the Oxford Internet Institute and Cabinet Office Workshop at the Oxford Internet Insitute, University of Oxford (UK), 19th December 2006.

Virkar, S., ‘Breaking Barriers to eGovernment: Exploring Barriers to eConsultation in the European Union’, Paper presented at the Digital Municipalities: Challenges to Local Government in Europe Workshop, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford (UK), 3rd November 2006.

Schroeder, R., Fry, J., and S. Virkar, ‘The World Wide Web of Science and Global Expertise: Democratising Access to Knowledge?’, Paper presented at the World Wide Web and Access to Knowledge Workshop, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford (UK), 9th February 2006 – 10th February 2006.

Invited Talks

Virkar, S., ‘Big Data In the UK: Opportunties and Challenges for the UK Economic and Policy Landscape’, Presentation to the The Work Foundation (London), University of Lancaster (United Kingdom), November 2012.

Virkar, S., ‘Will All That is Solid Melt into Air? Political Engagement in a Web 2.0 World’, Keble College Graduate Discussion Evening, Keble College, University of  Oxford (United Kingdom), November 2007.

Virkar, S., ‘Wired for Change? Exploring Nascent eGovernment Initiatives in Karnataka, India‘, South Asia Seminar Series, Queen Elizabeth House (Department for International Development Studies), University of Oxford (United Kingdom), 18th January 2007.

Virkar, S., ‘Exploring the Barriers to E-Government‘, School of Applied Communication Special Seminar Series, RMIT University, Melbourne (Australia), 4th October 2006.

Virkar, S., ‘Tensions and Synergies in Karnataka, India: A Study in eGovernment‘, Reports from Asia Seminar Series, The Monash Asia Institute, Monash University, Melbourne (Australia), 4th October 2006.

Workshops and Conference Panels Organised

2007   Asia@Future.Gov: Dynamics of Power and Governance in a Digitised World, ICAS 5, August 2007.

2006   The Internet: Power and Governance in a Digitised World, STAIR Conference, December 2006.

2004   Global Futures Forum, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Warwick, July 2004.


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