About Me

Shefali Virkar is a postdoctoral researcher and public policy analyst. She has recently been awarded a D.Phil. in Politics (2016) from the Department of Politics and International RelationsUniversity of Oxford (UK).  Shefali has been co-supervised at the Oxford Internet Institute and at the Department of International Development(QEH), and is a member of Keble College, Oxford.

Most especially, Shefali specialises in the theoretical frameworks and the applicative practices concerning the political, societal, and economic and commercial implications, impacts, and uses of Information and Communication Technologies and similar new digital media platforms and applications, in both developed and developing world contexts.

Being a highly motivated self-starter with an interdisciplinary background, Shefali possesses excellent oral and written communication skills as well as proven analytical ability; and, is, hence, able to quickly conceive, develop, break down, analyse and convey complex concepts and ideas to a variety of different audiences. Her achievements and activities to date also demonstrate proven organisational, interpersonal and leadership skills; as well as the willingness to meet challenges and overcome crises. A true cosmopolitan individual, Shefali is able to work and interact with people from diverse backgrounds, is actively learning 3 different languages besides her native English, and has lived in 4 different countries during the course of her life.

In her spare time, Shefali is an avid amateur photographer, baker, traveller, writer, and dancer.

Thesis Title: “The Politics of Implementing e‐Government for Development: The Ecology of Games Shaping Property Tax Administration in Bangalore City, India.”

Thesis Supervisors: Professor William Dutton (Oxford Internet Institute) and Professor Nandini Gooptu (Department of Politics and International Relations/Department of International Development(QEH))

Thesis Examiners: Professor Richard Heeks (University of Manchester) and Professor Helen Margetts (University of Oxford)

Viva Passed: 16th May 2014 (with Major Corrections)

You can contact me at the following e-mail address: shefali.virkar [at] gmail.com

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